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Position: Station Manager (SM)

Ref: XE1620

Location: LAGOS, ABUJA

Reporting to: Chief Commercial Officer

Deadline: 11 JULY, 2023

Job Summary:

The SM is accountable for the day to day management of the station’s staff, business, and airfield operations. The SM is responsible for ensuring that all regulatory and company policies are adhered to in order to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the airport. The SM must exhibit a high standard of leadership and will demonstrate the Company’s commitment to be a good employer which is customer focused and conscious of the needs of its stakeholders. The SM will identify and exploit local opportunities to develop the profitable commercial business of the Airline. The SM is accountable for the preparation and delivery of the Station’s Business Plan and Budget as well as assisting the in implementing the airline’s business strategies.

Core Responsibilities:

  • Be the outward face of the airline developing and maintaining positive relationships between the airline and passengers, regulatory bodies and stakeholders, protocols, tour operators, constituted authorities, local media, business partners, local communities, development agencies, government and public sector bodies and members of the public
  • Provide day to day management and leadership to the station's Management Team and staff
  • Assume direct responsibility the station's employees including Passenger Service Supervisor and Executives, Security and Baggage Personnel, Flight Dispatch Team, Ramp Coordinators, Driver, Catering and other administrative personnel
  • Be involved in station staff recruitment, initiatives disciplinary hearings, training, development and motivational exercises for station staff
  • Oversee ALL flight operations program and processes within the airport
  • Ensure compliance with the airline's Safety Management System; Environment Management System and Quality Management System
  • Initiate immediate service recovery efforts in the event of operational irregularities
  • Complete quarterly and annual appraisal and staff assessment and make recommendations according to XEJet operating procedures
  • Ensure that airline and airport staff follow the necessary protocols during the loading and unloading of passenger luggage or freight
  • Coordinate XEJet relationship with ground staff of other airlines and air travel providers
  • Compile and submit to FAAN, NAMA, NCAA all relevant official documents as required and requested
  • Maintain the appearance and condition of XEJet's facilities at the airport station
  • Support the maintenance, development and promotion of work place cultures which deliver sustainably high standards
  • Responsible for the development and motivation of XEJet employees to deliver high standards of efficient customer service.
  • Other duties as assigned

  • Minimum of Bachelor’s degree honors’ or HND in any field
  • A minimum of three (3) years’ experience in airport operations is required

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Position: Station Manager (SM)